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Enjoy art whilst having dinner! It’s all possible!

Taste Impressionism
Manet, Degas, Renoir, perhaps you know these famous artists? They are, 
amongst others, representatives of Impressionism. But what is this movement about? What are the characteristics of this period and why? And what are the favorite food of these artists? Come and taste Impressionism.
max 10 persons
costs: 50,00 us dollars incl diner and wine.*
location: The Petionville Club
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The Italian Renaissance 
To discover what the Renaissance is about you will be introduced to famous artists, artworks and architecture from that period like “The Birth of Venus” and Leonardo da Vinci. Not only you will learn about the ‘Renaissance man’ but also you will find out which kitchen devices (which we still use nowadays) one of them invented.
Join us for an evening on Italian cuisine and art.
max 10 persons
costs: 50,00 us dollars incl diner and wine.*
location: The Petionville Club
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AMUSE d' ART offers an introduction into the history of art. Each event evening a central topic is discussed. Interesting knowledge is shared and fun background information are discussed. A period, an artwork or artist are subjects that are alternately covered.




An AMUSE-bouche literally means 'the amusement for the mouth’. However AMUSE d'ART doesn’t stop there but offers a three course dinner. The dinner is entirely devoted to one topic every evening. It will surprise and delight!




After welcome drinks, everybody sits down at an artistic creative set table. The topic of the evening is served in words and images: dinner is served between the 'art dishes'.

Taste and indulge in an evening where you acquire knowledge about art in a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends or colleagues. Or join the table of other like minded art lovers. 

Hi, my name is Loes Lefeber-Korthals. I am an art historian who just moved from Holland to Haiti. I am living here with my husband and our three kids en I hope to welcome you all on one of these special evenings. 

“ Tot snel bij Amuse d’Art op de Petionville club’, groetjes Loes

I remember vividly a painting hanging at my grandmothers wall. I think I was 8 years old when I asked her what the painting was supposed to depict. She said that it was vases with flowers. I disagreed and in my opinion I saw men with beards. "And that's so funny," said my grandmother, "everyone sees something different, each painting tells a story." 

Years later I graduated in art history at the University of Leiden. For my studies I graduated in Western Modern Art. After internships in Beijing and New York at established art foundations, I focused on Chinese contemporary art.

I have always immensely enjoyed giving presentations and guided tours about art. I love conveying the stories the various works of art, artists and movements, especially seeing others gaining their knowledge about and pleasure in ART.



It started with baking cookies, playfully learning the tips and tricks of the kitchen. Especially in catering jobs later on did I learn many tricks of the trade in the world that is the one that belongs to the Chef.

I discovered that I love cooking and everything that comes with it. With great pleasure I try new dishes regularly and compose new menus. I really enjoy setting the table with a nod to Art.



AMUSE d' ART is therefore the ideal combination for me: entertaining with stories about art and cooking for others. That is also where the name is derived from: ART is art , AMUSE stands for food. In French: AMUSE d'ART, bite of art. In English: Amused ART, nice art.


But above all, having fun is the core of the evening. I do hope to welcome you to one of the evenings where you can learn more about art whilst you dine and where you, in a relaxed atmosphere, with friends, colleagues or other interested parties will be AMUSEd.


                                                        Loes Lefeber-Korthals




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